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1. "Ukholo Lwami Thabo" (Matshego)


2. "Still I Rise" (R. Powell) SATB

3. "Keep Marchin’ ‘Til I Make It Home" (R. Wise) SSAATTBB

4. "Shine on Me" (Aaron J. Fisher) SSAA

5. "I Am With You"  (D. Fox) TTB

6. "O Vos Omnes" (Pablo Casals) SSAATTBB


1. "Sisi Ni Moja" (Jacob Narverund)  English/Swahili, Santa Barbara

2. "I Sing Because I'm Happy" (Rollo Dilworth) SATB, HL

3. "For the Sake of Our Children" (Jeffrey Ames) SATB, Walton

4. "Music Spread Thy Voice" (Handel/Spevacek) SATB, Lorenz

5. "Ave Maria"  (arr. Craig Zamir)  Latin, SATB

6. "O occhi, manza mia"  (Orlando di Lasso) Italian, SATB 



1. "Trinity Te Deum" (Eriks Esenvalds)

2. "Beati Quorum Via" (C. V. Stanford) 

Link to purchase score 

3. Funf Gesange, Op. 102, No.1 and 2  (Brahms)* 

     I.  Nachtwache I 

     II. Nachtwache II  



4. "Striving After God" (Undine Smith Moore) 

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5. "Mata Del Anima Sola" (Antonio Estevez) 

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6. "The Awakening" (Joseph Martin) 

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7. "Ukholo Lwami Thabo" (Matshego)



1. "Hallelujah, Amen" (Handel, arr. by Patrick Liebergen) SATB, Pepper #1740935 (also comes in E-print form, just add E to the number above)

2. "KwaMashu" (arr. by Theodore Cookson) SATB, Pepper #10770952 (There is also an E-print version, just add an E to the number).

3. "My Very Own" (Susan LaBar) SATB, Pepper #10805548

4. "Tres Cantos Nativos" (Marcos Leite) SATB, Pepper #5539655

5. "Betelehemu" (Wendell Whalum, arr. by Barrington Brooks) SATB, Pepper #5327986 (there is also an e-print version, just add an E to the number above).

5. "Szellö Zúg" (Lajos Bárdos) SA, PDF TBA.

6. "Boatmen Stomp" (Gray/Hayes/Crocker) TTB (also a 3-part mixed), Pepper #1364538  

Tenor 1 is "High Voice"

Tenor 2 is "Middle Voice"

Bass is "Low Voice"

Though there are a few splits in the tenor 1 part, the tenor 2's should learn middle voice. Tenor 1 splits will be addressed at the event.