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Piano Note

and Registrations

WTVMEA Membership

WTVMEA School Dues = $50
WTVMEA Individual Dues = $5

TMEA = $40
NAfME = $100

Total = $195

Fees are due at the first business meeting in August. 
A late fee is charged if not received by the meeting date.


All West
Honor Choir Auditions

Auditions = $10 per student 

Rehearsal/Audition Tracks = 20$ per school

All West Rehearsals and Concert = $10 per student

*Jr Registration due 10/12*

All State

Auditions = No fee

Participation =
$55 per student
$85 per director

Choral Performance

Your first registered choir must be the largest number of singers and use the pay chart below:  

1-24 Singers- $7 per singer
25-34 Singers- $175 for ensemble
35 or more Singers- $250 for ensemble

2nd or more registered  is $150.

Solo and Ensemble

Registration =

$5 per solo

$5 per ensemble member

One student who sings a solo and participates in an ensemble will pay a participation fee of $10

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