Piano Note
Choir Performing

Event Fees

WTVMEA Membership

School Fee = $50
NAfME/TMEA = $135
Director Fee = $5
Total = $190
Fees are due at the first business meeting in August. 
A late fee is charged if not received by the meeting date.

Honor Choir Auditions

Auditions = $10 per student 

All West Rehearsals and Concert = $10 per student

All State

Auditions = No cost

Participation =

$55 per student

$85 per director

Choral Festival

Registration = $5 per student

Each student may participate in three different choirs for the $5 entry fee, but an additional $5 fee must be paid for each person who participates in any additional group.

Solo and Ensemble

Registration =

$5 per solo

$5 per ensemble member

One student who sings a solo and participates in an ensemble will pay a participation fee of $10

WTVMEA General Invoice

Download and complete the "WTVMEA General Invoice" 

Write checks to WTVMEA and confirm the mailing address

Nick Wammack, Treasurer
2533 Sage Meadow Drive

Memphis, TN 38133

Postmark invoice and check by the registration deadline